Freedom through forgiveness technique with Alison Levesley


10 NOV 2019 (SUN)  |  10AM - 2PM (Light snack provided)

Together we will explore our deepest wounds that need to be healed and forgiven. You will release karmic bondage of your hearts and bring peace and love into the darkest places and memories of your past.  

Alison will also send you blessings so you can open to your true Divine essence. In silence and deepening, you will receive awareness and deep understanding of how your wounds have created blockages in you to be in your true essence. 

Through the power of words and affirmation, you will let go of deep seeded wounds or past pain and begin your new journey into your grandest expansion and welcome greater possibilities and love in your life.


What benefits you will get:

  1. Heal your deep wounds
  2. Let go of burden and emotional blockages
  3. Release past pain and stuck subconscious conditions  
  4. Experience inner freedom and start having better relationships in your life


Remarks: Everyone’s experience and condition are difference. You may receive what is best-suited for you divinely.

Alison has decided to offer 1 to 1 healing sessions on this trip

Per session Fee: 60mins @ $345 (Book Alison Levesley private session @ 8856 0968)

If you are curious or feel stuck in your relationships, career, health, money, spiritual developments among others, Alison is here to help you. Alison has had the ability to see beyond the veil since she was a child.  Alison's consultations and healings are accurate and transformational. Her recent Beijing trip had a total of 108 sold-out sessions and received remarkable testimonials from all over the world too!

About Alison Levesley

She is an Interfaith Minister, Radio Presenter, Inspirational Speaker, Visionary, Psychic Intuitive Healer and Spiritual Coach. It has been recognised that immense healing is delivered through Alison's voice and energy. Alison's work is transformational, quick and powerful. She also works internationally with private coaching and larger groups of audiences.

Alison has been vote as one of the top leading evolutionaries in UK and one of 100 in the north uk most inspirational women.



The only other time I have felt such pure energy and unconditional love was in the presence of Osho.



Every person you talk to you will meld with and become them-in turn they feel seen and heard.  You have worked with courage and determination to Highlight trafficking, Child abuse, the darkness of satanic abuse, supporting people to detox from heroin, counselling sex workers and children in care. 

Stephanie J King


Hi - so I feel that you inspire me to be brave - when you sold up and headed off in to the east I loved how much you trusted in yourself and spirit and that therefore there was only one path forward - and so off you went down it - wonderful xxx

Sheila Marr

Earth Shaman

Alison you inspire me as you have taught me to love even when the others are not good to me. How to be compassionate-and I am the buddhist. Create visions and go for them overcoming obstacles. See the positive in everything and how to say things when its not easy. Emphasis on helping others in life

Yanks Sidartha

Chef Greece



We are located at the heart of Chinatown, with just a few minutes walk from Chinatown MRT, taking exit E from North-east line; exit E from Down-town line respectively.


White Rabbit Hole
533, Upper Cross Street, #04-29,
Singapore 050533